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frequently asked questions

Logging Into Your Account

Access Online Web Ordering

  • Go to
  • On the left side (in yellow type) will be “Online Web Ordering” link
  • Click on “Online Web Ordering
  • This will bring you to the “Login” page.

How to Login:

  • Account #: (Type Number Here)
  • Web ID: (Your First Name in Lowercase Letters)
  • Password: (Account Number Again)
  • Press “Login” button.
  • This will bring you to the “New Order” page.


Placing a New Order

New Order Tabs

Please note at the TOP of the page are tabs for New Order, Order Tracking, Search, Address Book, Reports, etc….

  • The blue alphabet letters are for names of businesses in your address book.
  • The “Pick Up” location will always default to your business address. If this is not the actual pick up location, please be sure to change it.
  • The gray arrow at the end of the address box is a pull down of all the addresses that you send to on a regular basis.
  • The Blue Arrows are for placing the address in the box (i.e. Foxy Delivery Inc. -listed above)
    to either “Pick Up” (blue arrow on the left) or “Deliver To” (blue arrow on the right).

Address Book

Pick-Up From Form Deliver To Form

Please make sure the “Pick Up” location as well as the “Deliver To” locations are filled in completely with the correct information, and please don’t forget the correct zip codes!

Checking the small white box in the bottom right hand corner of the “Pick Up” and “Deliver To” areas will automatically add that address to the “Address Book”.

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information
Ordering Information

  • The “Pick Up” date: The format is - dd/mmm/yy (please make sure if you are submitting order information that is not the same day of delivery, that the “Pick Up” date is for the day of the delivery).
  • The “Ready Time” : This is done in Military Time, please be aware of this when submitting an afternoon delivery!
  • The “Reference” : This is for Job numbers and/or P.O. numbers (it is beneficial to both us and you the have some kind of reference listed).
  • The “Service” : Our service is always a Rush Service. If changing this to “Direct” this will add $3 to the cost of the delivery. As with changing to “Dock High”, this will also change the price of the delivery (please call the office if you are in need of pricing).
  • The “Vehicle” : If you are in need of a “Dock High” and have changed the “Service” to “Dock High”, please make sure that this is changed as well.
  • The “Weight” : The weight of the package is very important (that is why it is in red), so please be as correct as possible on the weight if over 100lbs.
  • The “Comments” section: This is for any other pertinent instructions that were not covered elsewhere in the order (i.e. attention to certain people, pick up or delivery to a certain place in a building, etc…)

About our Vehicles: Vans can hold up to 2(two) 4ft. x 4ft. skids; 2000lbs. total weight. Sprinter Van can hold up to 2(two) 6ft. x 4ft. skids; 3000lbs. total weight. (please call for availability). For deliveries weighing more than 2000 – 3000 lbs. you will need a Dock High.

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Online Ordering Tabs

Order Tracking Tab:
Is the most complete way of checking on your delivery. You are able to view to status of your package en route as to when it was picked up, delivered, and who signed (P.O.D.) for it along with all the specifics of that delivery. Just click on the Order Number in blue and it will give you the information you need.

Search Tab:
You can search for deliveries by Order Number or by Date if need be.

Address Book Tab:
Contains all the addresses that you regularly ship to. You are also able to add to them by clicking in the top right corner in blue “Add New Address” button.

Reports Tab:
This is where you can view all of your invoices, they will be displayed in a PDF format.

Admin Tab:
In this section you can view your own personal status for your online ordering.

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This is merely for the quantity and type of item you are sending or having picked up.


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